things i love #1 Coffee


Hi everyone. After a long period of study, finally i get time to trashing here.

okay. before i start writing about -well, you can see on title- things i love (see, i told you before. i’m trashing here XDXD). Let me trashed you about things happened days ago. well, i lived my life as bored as always. Going to school, making homework, etc. And finally i finished my final exam yey! And i’ll be in the last grade of my college in two months. But you know, this past six months was the worst. i couldn’t focus on my study. I messed up everything. i stressed of so many things that i couldn’t explain (for now, maybe i’ll tell you next time #trashingagain). And these days, sometimes, like when i’m alone. or in the middle of the night, i cried with no reasons.

And, what’s the matter? Why do i tell you that? Errr…

idk, but. That’s one of many reasons i’m writing now.

Opening finished. Lol.

Things i love, i tell you first is coffee. Why do i love coffee?

I love coffe since i was in the senior high. It was a dorm schooling. I start drinking coffee because i have alot of things to finish at night, paper, homework, studying for tomorrow’s test, plus watching dramas or reading novels. Those reasons made me as a coffee addict.

And also at home, my papa loves coffee so much. He drinks coffee three until four cups a day. Since my mama knows i like coffee as much as her husband, she never forget to make one more cup for me everytime my papa ask her for his coffee. Since we don’t have much money, our family like to do a simple things as family, like we always sit at our garden in the night, my papa plays guitar and i sing. My mama will tell us about so many thing. and my brothers and my sister will play around.

This habbit continue until now. As i told you before, i’ll be in the last grade of my college in two months. So, i have been a coffee addict for five years.

i’ll end my story here. So, See you anytime.


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